Welcome to Rollo’s Racing Barn

Welcome to Rollo’s Racing Barn

Rollo’s Racing Barn is a virtual gallery of automotive racing art sculptures created by the artist Rollo from some of the world’s most exotic woods. The collection began as a group of Pinewood Derby race cars but quickly transformed into hard wood renditions of historic and exotic cars. The story of the sculptures in Rollo’s Racing Barn illustrates the processes utilized to create faster and more durable race cars and the technological changes employed to help bring about these improvements.


Rollo’s Racing Barn is the continuing story of this development that has taken place since 1985. This virtual gallery is designed to highlight the completed exotic automobile sculptures and show case the process employed to create the works of art. The website has changed because our last host crashed and took the website information down with it. The new website has changed from the old website because I have tried to recover the lost information but needed to recreate sections to reproduce as much information from the old website as possible. The new website is separated into Posts and Pages to highlight the cars and their stories and includes new Posts and a Page with the story of The Hoggtowne Paint Slingers. The different area descriptions are as follows:

 The Posts: These posts features pictures of the cars in the collection and a brief description of the cars and their history. The will also recent paintings from the Hoggtowne Paint Slingers.


The Pages:  will feature special car groups with pictures and the story of what makes these cars unique and a special part of the collection. These are more detailed stories of special historic cars and the people who persevered through difficult circumstances to complete their development in the pages.


The Hoggetowne Paint Slingers Page: will feature paintings by the Hoggtowne Paint Slingers and the story of the development of the movement. The work is mostly expressionistic and created with different techniques that do not include brushes but includes throwing the pictures and dripping paint on them to create the desired affects. This page is currently under construction


Please enter the world of Rollo’s Racing Barn and stroll through the pages of the various galleries to view the exceptional automotive racing art sculptures and the impressionistic paintings from the Hoggtowne Paint Slingers. Hand carving cars is a time intensive project so new content production is slow. I included the Paint Slinger’s paintings because there has been a large demand for information and a desire to see the work from those who have experienced the paintings. Feel free to browse the website and please take a memory for your self and leave a comment for me. The automotive sculpture collection in Rollo’s Racing Barn and the Gallery of the Hoggtowne Paint Slinger’s are works in progress and will constantly change as I make new creations because the desire to carve cars and slinging paint still burns in my soul.